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For over 20 years Elk Lighting has been the leader in bringing Europe’s finest modern and traditional lighting fixtures and accessories to America. Its product lines feature only exceptional materials from world-renowned manufacturers with each product being manufactured to the highest standards.

Elk Lighting offers unique designs, meticulous craftsmanship and the unsurpassed values that have contributed to their astonishing growth. As you browse through our Elk product line, you can be confident that every item has been manufactured to the highest standards to bring you years of enjoyment and pride of ownership.

ELK Lighting offers a all-inclusive suite of chandelier styles, leading-edge pendant lighting, and contemporary kitchen lights. These lighting products envelop your home with style and charm. The pendant lighting, and kitchen lights are sophisticated, classy, and elegant. ELK Lighting fixtures are featured in some of the most prominent residences and hospitalities in the world, including George Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate and The Historic Royal Palaces of England. Between their own original and creative designs, as well as, their partnerships with such luminaries as, Donald Trump, their collection of lighting fixtures will fit everyone's style. See why Elk Lighting might be that lighting you can't seem to forget.

E.L.K. was founded in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1983 by three industry experts, Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko, and Russell King. The company's dedication has been to deliver innovative, quality products that captivate and add enduring value. Today, those lasting traditions endure.

ELK Lighting comprehensive suite of exclusive products to embrace your home with style and sophistication. An award winning team of international designers and engineers will ensure that your products are not everyday ordinary. With extensive in-house design department and our domestic and overseas manufacturing facilities, ELK has the ability to provide custom pieces for both commercial and residential specification. Additionally, all our ELK Lighting products are supported by a knowledgeable customer service and sales team that will be available to ensure your buying experience is both pleasing and hassle-free.

For truly extraordinary, one-of-a-kind lighting that is both reliable and affordable, Elk Lighting, Inc. is a superior choice. Elk Lighting appeals to every age and budget, which explains its remarkable success over the years. For bold, one of a kind lighting with quality craftsmanship and value, Elk Lighting promises singular customer satisfaction.


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